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"We take a BMW Z3 and make it into a Classic. Just bolt on a NEW BODY"

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We have started to build a new demonstrator. It will be a replica of the car that Sir Stirling Moss drove to victory at Goodwood  just two months after breaking his back, nose and legs in an F1 crash.


This is one of the most historically important race cars of all time.


It will not be an 'exact replica' but only a few would be able to tell.


We started with a BMW Z3 donor vehicle which was a 3.0 M-sport Manual, 2001 with 97,000mls.


D3S_8268 20160201_131401 20160201_131348 IMAG0687


The car was stripped of all unwanted parts

IMAG0785 20160818_170309 20160824_164037 20160825_104548 20160721_153934 20160824_134106 20160907_164732 20160916_171918 20160916_171932 20160923_130206 20160921_191038 20160922_110109 20160923_173240 20160923_175309 20160921_185749 20160926_114533 20160927_162119 20160927_162410 20160928_162454 20160928_162341

The rollcage is powder coated and fitted.

Restoration begins with removing rust and coating in Frosts POR 15

The shock absorbers and lowered springs are replaced along with new handbrake shoes

Power steering hose is shortened and looped

New adjustable coil overs fitted and area rust treated

Underside of shell is painted in 2 pack Flowcoat. This disguises the glass fibre strands and gives a durable water proof lining.

Alloy front strut brace fitted

Double core aluminium radiator fitted which should give around 30% greater cooling

Original Viscous fan removed and a slimline electric fan wired in. Releases a few horses

Car going to have a bespoke exhaust fitted

Right hand side of new exhaust system fitted. Stainless steel and no silencers to replicate the original's sound

First checking ride height. Then arch clearance on front wheel. Needs reduced hubs made

LeMans cap fitted on left hand wing. Will have a stainless steel tube across the top of the boot to connect to the other side

New drive belt fitted, air-conditioning removed, new waterpump and pulley

Fibreglass parcel shelf covered in leather then bonded on

Inner bonnet and main front tub coated in Flowcoat

20160929_151510 20160929_150447 20160929_151753 20160930_130029

Even with the modified splined hubs the Borrani style centrelock wheels we are using means we have to extend the rear arches


Fitted two new inlet rubbers, MAF sensor and carbon fibre effect cool can air filter

20161024_105632 20161024_105646

Door skins bonded on after window frames permamently gapped and fitted

Windscreen pillar panel bonded into place and joined to roof section. Photo prior to proper alignment and tidying


Original set of door handles (complete with 50 years of patina) bolted on and working with Z3 mechanism

20161028_102848 20161028_102856

Parts of the door that are covered by the the door skin are rust treated first

20161027_155718 20161027_155747

The gap where the rear clam meets the side sill is glass fibred and filled to get a smoother line


Boot lid bolted on but not gapped. Rear lights and indicator holes cut out

20161104_142517 20161105_112256 20161114_190910 20161114_185755 20161110_093517 20161110_131318 20161111_182503 20161110_130150 20161110_130753 20161111_182517 20161114_190856

Ratcheting boot stay fitted. Holes drilled and filled for bear claw lock. Genuine front side repeaters fitted.

Only six days left till the car goes to paint

Bonnet scoop is extended inwards to replicate the original

Bonnet rubber bump stops fitted and adjusted for height. Genuine bonnet pins fitted. More work on the door/bonnet gap.

20160928_173450 20160928_165822 20160928_165827 20161018_150138

Exclusive new photos of our reproduction dashboard complete with Veglia Borletti gauges. We are now building a large oven so we can paint it in wrinkle effect crackle glaze.

20161118_111117 20161118_111205

We had to modify the Lucas metal headlight bowls considerably to use the S.E.V. Marchal genuine headlights. Although they are quoted at 7", the same as the Lucas headlights, they have a wide ridge which causes many problems

20161118_155818 20161118_155759

With one day left till paint, the final skim of normal filler is used. The gaps are getting better but still need work


Some original parts are hard to find and/or are very expensive so we have begun to have parts manufacturered which means we can also offer these parts at a very reasonable to our customers. For example these replica lights are not a great deal more than the Lucas ones we used in the past


Another example is the lovely period bonnet pins more associated with the GTO's. We are having these made in stainless steel which will be (at £140 a pair) better than the chromed originals and well under half price

20160711_193230 20161121_093521 20161121_093415 20161121_093422 20161121_093402

We have had emails asking why the exhaust is hanging down so low. It's so the painter can get right underneath with the paint gun. Usually the exhaust would be fitted after painting but specialist diary dates did not match so we had to get on with it. The car will be away for two and a half weeks but there is plenty to do in the mean time

This is the car finally going to paint. It will be painted in Jaguar Indigo Blue with white stripe just like the original



IMG_2722 20161124_163818 20161124_163909

The genuine Ferrari boot lock (top left) is very expensive and does not line up with the 'bear claw' lock we use to latch the bootlid down. The classic Mini lock we have used in the past was not quite right so we had an engineering company make some 3mm plates to go behind the mini lock. It also solves the problem of the lock catching on the edge of the bootlid and makes it look similar to the original (bottom right)

20160323_172424 20161125_150058 20161125_150426 20161125_145614

Unfortunately the home built oven with 1200w of infra red bulbs was not hot enough for the wrinkle paint to crinkle evenly. Plan B was textured paint from Halfords with several coats of matt black in top. Not a replica of the Ferrari dash finish, but certainly a non glare surface required for racing

20161126_175246 20161126_175330 20161126_175124 20161126_175145 20161126_175155

Dashboard finished with all switches and gauges fitted. Very pleased with the result, worth all the hard work. We have asked our powder coating company if we could put the next dash in their oven so the paint would wrinkle. However this one is good enough for now

















Beginning of full brake caliper refurbishment. Rear calipers shown. Will have new pistons, seals and brake pads, etc


20161202_142340 20161202_142355

Visited the paint shop today to fit new drivers door hinge bushes, as there was a slight alignment problem. Now fixed. Took some photos while I was there

Had some bad news from the paint shop, due do to personal reasons the shop is closed for two weeks so we will not be getting the car back till the first week of January. However we have just handed over a Kalifornia we have just finished for a customer. Look in Kalifornia-latest build


Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all

Well here we are six weeks later and the car is about to come back at last. After heat pump failure in the oven and the wrong paint sent, biblical flooding, etc. Its almost ready for collection. Here are some photos.

image1 (2) image2 (1) image4 image3 image2 (2) image1 (3) 20170203_162428

Finally the car is ready for collection from the paintshop. Unfortunately it was raining very hard

20170204_115140 20170204_142837 20170204_144416 20170204_131348 20170204_160303 20170204_135112

Day one of many eight hour days to finish the car. Here are the jobs completed today. The last photo actually shows the paintwork off to its best

Day two. Fitted bear claw and boot lock. Fitted the first polished stainless back plate to replicate the original lock. Also to tidy the top where the bear claw comes through we used a house Yale lock chrome striker plate. Rear reflectors bolted on. Battery cut off switch fitted in front wing brake cooling duct. Also glued on a pair of our polished stainless steel sill plates with logos. Enough for a sunday!

20170205_095926 20170205_100834 20170205_102939 20170205_114741 20170205_114759 20170206_145343 20170206_172456

Day three: Very busy day with endless customers old and new wanting to see the car unfortunately not much progress. Fitted the inner boot carpets and the ratcheting boot prop. Started making the aluminium trims to go around the door aperture. Added a couple more race stickers. Re-drilled the holes for the washer jets and fitted properly. Also fitted temporary indicators till the genuine ones arrive from Italy

20170206_145335 20170206_145353 20170206_151223 20170206_172920 20170207_153322 20170207_122010 20170207_151507 20170207_122024 20170207_164944 20170207_111831

Day four: More visitors today. However managed to put on the inner boot trim and boot carpet, which needed a little modification to go around the boot prop. Also fiited the new boot rubber seal. Finally got the right one after months of trying different ones! The door frame channels were bent to shape and screwed on with countersunk screws. The grille surround was fitted so we can align the bonnet badge tomorrow. Finally the boot lid was fitted and aligned. The boot handle now pulls the lid down a few millimetres compressing the rubber and making a water tight seal

Yesterday we had a sneak trial fit of the new wheels. They will go on another half inch once pulled in by the three eared spinners and the rear end needs dropping on the adjusters about and inch but you get the idea and overall effect


Day five: Fitted the childs cut down, Timberland belt with stainless coachbolts. We bought some fake fur to line the underneath of the belt so not to scratch the bodywork and glued it on. The rear scroll badge was fitted. The front bonnet badge was also drilled but not fitted because the white race circle sticker has to go on first.  The right hand aluminium door trim was screwed on. The drivers door handle was bolted on complete with 50 years of patina.  Original Marchal spotlights were trial fitted and then removed. A very nice chrome GB badge was glued on. Much nicer than the sticker on the SPA car

20170208_133133 20170208_171642 20170208_144917 20170208_171852 20170208_154026 20170208_133042 20170208_143627

Day Six: Both sliding windows assemblies were fitted today inside the freshly powder coated frames. The wiper arms were also powder coated in Hi-Chrome and fitted with stainless wiper blades. The chrome trim was attached to the windscreen and mitred in the corners as per the original. Then we got to fit the best bit, the new rear number plate which is the real cherry on top of the cake moment. Yes it is a real plate!

20170209_165722 20170209_165735 20170209_174331 20170209_174448 20170209_104406 20170209_105209

The vehicle came from a Vehicle Salvage Auction, it was a catagory D cosmetic damage only. As you can see there was no stuctural damage whatsoever. Its amazing that they can write a vehicle off for a damaged front bumper and fog light.